Traveling can be a bit tedious, its always the thought of what to wear to be comfy but also stylish. No-one wants to be on vacation and caught on Instagram without a little suave.

Clothing companies have started to realize the craze and demand for matching shirt and bottom sets. Of course seeing I travel a lot, I always try to keep it cute despite where I am. nothing like looking cute by the pool sipping something frozen. I usually like to go shopping for resort wear or vacation ensembles, one of my main concern when doing this is the right texture or fabric seeing my aim is to always be somewhere tropical and relaxing. Beating the heat is very important.



Since I've been getting a few request I've decided to list a few of my favorite brands that have sets that are pretty rocking and stylish, keep in mind a lot of brands are change their pieces based on season and demand. Here goes!!


1. ADIDAS has always caught on to the trend of most things, they've recently released a few matching sets that are pretty colorful and cool.

2. ZARA Of course Zara never lets us down with keeping up with the trends, usually my go to when I want to grab something quick for sets, my biggest pet peeve with them however is most times a lot of people may grab the same things you do, as well as their pieces tend to go fast.

3. ASOS never fails with their colors and prints of their sets. If i could I'd probably purchase them all.

4. FAHERTY BRAND(@fahertybrand) I've become a huggeeeee fan of this brand their matching sets are very floral, but the part that makes me more excited about their pieces is how comfy and the amazing quality of pieces they have. I'm very big on purchasing pieces that'll last and my first set was actually from them about two years ago that still has managed to last no tears, no shrinking..

5. BROWNLEE CLOTHING (@BrownleeClothing) Lastly now I really didn't want to share this piece of gem with you guys, but I'll be nice. Ive been head over heels for this brand and their color choicing and sets. They've mastered the comfort and color aspect of sets, whether it be the perfect sweater for a night on the beach or just some joggers to catch your flight. They've perfected this.


Set By: Life After Denim

Set By: Life After Denim



And I..

Who do you identify as? What do you want to be acknowledged as? 

I get asked that question a lot and sometimes I do battle with it. Not because I don't know who I am but TO GIVE INTO SOCIETY'S LABEL for what they find perfect to address me as. It's difficult seeing everyone trying to fit in where they fit in. Then you wonder where do I fit in? Which group or label should I associate myself with? Why should I have to fit in a group? Why do i even have to fit in?